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Saudi Arabia .. Controversy due to statements about "women watching pornographic films" and the doctor clarifies his position

Saudi Arabia .. Controversy due to statements about “women watching pornographic films” and the doctor clarifies his position

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi doctor and director of the Saudi Society for Infectious Diseases in Jeddah, Nizar Bahbari, sparked widespread controversy, after revealing a questionnaire he conducted on 3,000 Saudi women about watching pornographic films and found that 92% of them watched, while Bahabri defended himself, saying that he had just published a simple survey about the “easyness” of accessing pornography in this day and age.

And a video clip spread of the Saudi doctor speaking on a television channel, saying: “In 2014, when I sent the first questionnaires, we were on social media asking how many women saw a sexual clip over the course of the year, and the percentage was about 23%.”

Bahabri added: “When I conducted the questionnaire in 2019, the percentage of those who answered me to the questionnaire, and they numbered 3,000 women, reached 92%. Therefore, I am currently in many pre-marital courses. I tell men you cannot attack your recently married wife, and she says: Where do you come from? Did you know these things? Because accessing the content has become much easier than before,” he says.

Dr. Bahabri’s statements sparked widespread controversy, as Twitter users launched the hashtag “Nizar Bahabri offends Saudi women”, which prompted the doctor to publish a tweet in which he said: “Comment: I can’t abuse my daughters on earth… In the old days it was difficult to reach and now it has become easy… Published Just a simple survey.

Bahabri continued on his documented page on Twitter: “More than 3,000 women answered me a question: Have you ever watched a clip once in your life, and the answer was yes from 92%?

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We review the following, the most prominent comments about the Saudi doctor’s statements: