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Saudi Arabia .. Details of the horrific assault on the wife and the arrest of the husband

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The Jeddah police arrested a Saudi citizen who beat his wife, which led to her being injured, and locked her inside the house. He was arrested, and legal measures were taken against him and referred to the Public Prosecution, according to Al Arabiya Net.

The battered sister of Jeddah, who was assaulted by her husband, posted a message on Twitter, confirming that the husband had hit her sister with a sharp object in front of her children and made her blind, and she had fractures in the head and skull.

She confirmed that her sister had been in East Jeddah Hospital since the 19th of Ramadan, after her husband attacked her, when he put out her eye and lost her sight in front of her eight children and slashed her with a knife in different parts of her body, 5 of which were in her face.

She added that her sister suffers from brain hemorrhage and separate fractures in her body.

She added that he disfigured her face and cut off her tongue and finger, pointing out that her sister’s husband had changed in a remarkable way in recent months, and he tied her up two months ago, shaved her head and eyebrows, and threatened to kill one of her sons when she tried to escape to her family.

Social networking sites were buzzing with the story of a husband’s assault on his wife, carrying the hashtag #Victim_Mona_Save her, calling for the arrest of the husband who assaulted his wife. An official source in the Saudi Public Prosecution stated that the Public Prosecutor Saud Al-Mojeb had ordered the arrest of the aggressor.

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The security authorities had received from a hospital in Jeddah, news of the arrival of a woman who was subjected to a criminal assault using a sharp object, and the arresting authority completed the preliminary inference procedures and referred the case to the Public Prosecution.

The source confirmed that the Public Prosecutor ordered the formation of a team specialized in investigating cases of assault on oneself, the family, and juveniles, while referring the family’s children to the competent authority to provide them with care and psychological support.

The source noted the criminal justice protection of the family and its members in the Kingdom, and that the felony for its formation and stability requires criminal accountability, and the aggressor will be referred to the competent court to demand the most severe penalties prescribed by law in this regard.

For his part, a lawyer and legal advisor revealed the punishment that is expected to be applied against the person who assaulted his wife by hitting his wife with a sharp object in different parts of her body in Jeddah.

Lawyer and legal advisor, Khaled Abu Rashid, explained that the case is a criminal offense as it is an assault on oneself, indicating that the punishment is a disciplinary punishment with imprisonment, according to the Saudi News 24 website.

He noted that the prison term is related to the extent of the injuries that occurred to the victim, the damage from them, and the recovery period, according to medical reports, in addition to the judiciary’s assessment of the private and public rights.

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Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saad Al Hammad, confirmed that the case has been reached and the necessary protection has been provided for it, and coordination is underway with the competent authorities to complete the necessary procedures.

The family social consultant, Dr. Shuja Al-Qahtani, said that silence and not taking a firm stance since the first assault on the wife often leads to a tragic situation.

He pointed out that the abusive husband does not respect the woman and is not afraid of her, but he is afraid of the law and the wife’s family, so the police should have been informed as soon as she was exposed to the first assault so that action can be taken against him.