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Saudi Arabia is green on its national day... and beyond

Saudi Arabia is green on its national day… and beyond

Saudi Arabia is green on its national day… and beyond

Various aesthetics of buildings and squares and light coming through the afforestation initiative

Wednesday – 15 Safar 1443 AH – 22 September 2021 AD Issue No. [

Increased celebrations of the National Day in Saudi cities (Photo: Bashir Saleh)

Riyadh: Muhammad Hilal

A green suit appeared on the buildings in Saudi cities, which are preparing tomorrow to celebrate the Saudi National Day on its 91st anniversary. This bright image in its color is accompanied by a qualitative vision that supports the green Saudi presence in environmental trends through the “Green Saudi Arabia” initiative and another project whose glow in the capital, Riyadh, appeared from during the afforestation project.
And the Saudi cities turned into green jewels decorated with flags and lights that dominated the color, and turned them into paintings decorated with the colors of the green flag, and formed a preliminary picture of a green future that you will witness in the future.
These colors will be in a real different vision, representing the future of Saudi cities, which will be green throughout the year, through the “Green Saudi Arabia” initiative, which is the largest of its kind as it will cover 40 million hectares of vast desert lands with 10 billion trees to improve air quality, and will contribute to reducing storms. sandy, anti-desertification, lowering temperatures.
This project is an extension of the “Green Middle East” initiative, which aims to combat environmental challenges facing the region such as desertification, air pollution and high temperatures, in addition to creating a clean environment and clean air for the residents of the region.
Saudi Arabia is preparing to launch the summit of the Green Middle East Initiative on October 25, which will bring together prominent leaders from the region and the world with the aim of uniting efforts towards implementing common environmental commitments. The summit will also witness the formation of an alliance, the first of its kind, aimed at combating climate change in the Middle East. A platform will be launched from it aimed at promoting investment in the fields of the environment and transfer of knowledge to face common challenges. The foundations of “climate diplomacy” will be laid that enhances the political will necessary to bring about fundamental change.
The summit will include accompanying events, including the Green Saudi Initiative forum, which will highlight Saudi Arabia’s efforts to protect the environment, in the presence of global leaders, and will lead to taking concrete measures and launching innovative solutions that contribute to combating climate change.

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