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السعودية تصدر بيانًا عاجلاً بشأن الوضع باليمن

Saudi Arabia issues an urgent statement on the situation in Yemen

03:22 AM

Friday 02 July 2021


Saudi Arabia announced the agreement of representatives of the Yemeni government and the Southern Yemeni Transitional Council in Riyadh to stop all forms of political, military, security, economic and media escalation, according to an agreed mechanism.

Compatibility came; In continuation to the discussion of completing the push for the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, and for the Kingdom’s efforts since the signing of the agreement with the aim of achieving security and stability in Yemen, and pushing all parties to accept political solutions instead of disputes and quarrels.

And Saudi Arabia indicated, according to the Saudi Press Agency, that “the political and media escalation and the subsequent political and military appointment decisions by the Southern Transitional Council are inconsistent with what was agreed upon between the two parties.”

Riyadh, according to what Russia Today reported, called on the two parties to the agreement to “respond urgently, renounce differences, work with the agreed mechanism, and give priority to the public interest, to complete the implementation of the rest of the items with the aim of uniting the ranks of the various spectrums of the Yemeni people, bloodshed and bridging the rift between its components.”

And she stressed the need to “complete the people’s march in restoring their state, security and stability, and support efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution that ends the crisis in Yemen.”

Saudi Arabia stressed that “the return of the Yemeni government formed in accordance with the Riyadh Agreement is a top priority,” reiterating its continued support for the Yemeni government, in which the Southern Transitional Council participates.​

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