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Saudi Arabia launches the first foreign scholarship program in space sciences, ending with employment

The Saudi Space Authority announced the launch of the first Saudi program for external scholarships, ending with employment in the field of space, which provides qualitative educational opportunities for Saudi male and female students by studying specializations related to space sciences in the most prominent 30 universities around the world, within the framework of the comprehensive development witnessed by the space sector. in the Kingdom. According to the Saudi Press Agency.

The authority indicated that the first phase of the scholarship program will include bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of space in several disciplines, including: aerospace engineering, space science and space policies.

She also made it clear that receiving applications for the “Space Scholarship” program will start on July 25, provided that the applicant is a Saudi national, of good conduct, and that he has direct, unconditional admission to the field of space specializations, or he is studying at his own expense in universities. Specific to the required specializations, in addition to adhering to the provisions and controls of the scholarship conditions in force in the Ministry of Education.

It is noteworthy that the program includes many advantages offered to male and female students by joining a scientific mission that ends with employment in the space sector, including study costs and financial guarantee, in addition to health insurance and travel tickets from the Kingdom to the mission headquarters, and providing guidance programs by following up on the scholarship student and evaluating his academic development.


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