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السعودية تمنع حاملى تأشيرات الزيارة من دخول 4 مطارات بالبلاد لمدة شهر

Saudi Arabia prevents visitor visa holders from entering 4 airports in the country for a month

Saudi Airlines circulated a circular to tourism companies, stating that it is forbidden to accept passengers holding visit visas of all kinds to the airports of “Jeddah, Madinah, Yanbu and Taif”, in preparation for the Hajj season, according to a statement by Saudi Airlines.

And Saudi Airlines said, in its letter to tourism companies, that it will prevent accepting visitor visa holders during the period from June 9 and for a period of one month, until next July 9..

And Saudi Airlines clarified that travel for visit visa holders will be accepted only on flights to Riyadh airport, according to certain conditions, which are::

Not issuing any internal tickets to Jeddah, Madinah, Yanbu or Taif. The need for confirmed tickets to go and return for the passenger, provided that the return is from the same destination station..

In a related context, Nasser Turki, a member of the Supreme Committee for Hajj and Umrah of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, said that the Saudi authorities have established electronic gates at the entrance to the Two Holy Mosques, preventing those without a Hajj visa from entering the Two Holy Mosques, as well as preventing Saudi citizens and residents during the Hajj period from entering the campus. without official permission.

Turki explained that the decision comes within the framework of the Kingdom’s keenness to ensure the success of its organizational plan for the Hajj season this year, according to the numbers of pilgrims announced during the season, noting that the Saudi authorities will also put strict security points on the roads leading to Mecca during the Hajj period, to ensure that no Entry of any visa holders except Hajj visa during that period.

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had announced earlier that the number of domestic and foreign pilgrims this year would reach about one million.