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Saudi Arabia’s holdings of US Treasuries fell to $111.7 billion in February

New data released by the US Treasury Department showed Saudi Arabia’s holdings of US Treasuries reached $111.7 billion in February, an increase of $690 million on a month-on-month basis.

It is important to note that Saudi investments are only in bonds and treasury bills, not including other investments in US dollar-denominated bonds, assets and cash.

Saudi Arabia’s US Treasuries issued $99.9 billion worth of long-term bonds, accounting for 89% of the total. That’s an additional 11% for short-term bonds worth $11.8 billion.

On a year-over-year basis, Saudi Arabia’s holdings of U.S. Treasury bonds and bills at the end of February 2023 fell 4.3 percent ($5 billion), compared to its balance of $116.7 billion at the end of February 2022.

The kingdom fell to the 17th largest holder of US bonds in February. Globally, Japan tops the list of largest investors in US Treasuries by the end of February 2023; With a total of $1,081.8 billion ($1.081 trillion), China followed with $848.8 billion, followed by the United Kingdom with $643 billion.

and at the level of Arab countries; Saudi Arabia is the number one investor in US Treasury bonds. The United Arab Emirates ranks 22nd in the world with investments of $64.5 billion, followed by Iraq with investments of $40.7 billion (29th in the world) and Kuwait with $39.1 billion, ranking 32nd globally.

For the United States of America, the total value of bond issuances at the end of February 2023 decreased by 4.67% on an annual basis and by about 0.8% on a monthly basis.

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The value of U.S. Treasury bond issuances was $7,343.6 billion ($7.343 trillion) at the end of last February and $7,703.6 billion ($7.703 trillion) at the end of the same year 2022, compared to $7402.5 billion ($7.40 trillion). End of February to January 2023.