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إدخال الفنان السعودي خالد سامي للعناية المركزة مجددا بعد تدهور صحته

Saudi artist Khaled Sami was admitted to intensive care again after his health deteriorated

date of publication:
August 20 2021 0:35 GMT

Update date: August 20 2021 3:35 GMT

The health condition of the Saudi artist, Khaled Sami, witnessed new developments revealed by his son, “Turki”, through a tweet he wrote on his Twitter account.

Khaled Sami’s son said that his father was admitted to intensive care again, noting that “he was very tired today, which forced the doctors to make a decision about his condition.”

He added that his father, Khaled Sami, is still in a coma, noting that the current period is “very difficult.”

Turki Khaled Sami appealed to the public to pray for his father to overcome the health crisis he is going through.

Khaled Sami has been suffering from a health crisis for several months, which began after he underwent a liver transplant, but the health situation worsened and he was transferred to the hospital, then he fell into a coma about 3 months ago, during which his heart stopped twice for minutes before the doctors revived him.

Khaled Sami’s son wrote, “Today was very, very tired, my parents were tired and returned to care, and he is still unconscious, and the reason for his fatigue so far is not clear.”

And Turki Khaled Sami continued: “But God is patient with us and helps us, and God is a period that breaks back. I really hope from the bottom of my heart that no one passes through it. Your prayers, my beloved, Khaled_Sami.”

Earlier, Turki Khaled Sami published a picture of his father while he was in intensive care, through his Twitter account, in which the Saudi artist appeared, lying on the recovery bed, and part of his body and another of his face appeared.

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Khaled Sami’s son left a message to his father, in which he expressed his longing for him, and wished to wake up from his coma, as he wrote: “My father, my friend, and everything in the world, everything in my heart I say to him, and I have a great feeling that he hears me, Lord, my father’s people are safe and God I miss for him”.

Khaled Sami’s son added: “My father is the only person to whom I tell everything inside me. I miss his responses that make you feel that the whole world is fine, no matter what your problem is.”