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Saudi bid leaves Chelsea buying race

Saudi bid leaves Chelsea buying race

London (dpa)

The Saudi Media Group alliance is out of the race to buy Chelsea Football Club.
The British news agency, BA Media, stated that those responsible for the Saudi bid had learned that their bid had not been shortlisted.
The Ryan Group Foundation in New York has begun the process of informing potential buyers of Chelsea FC about the status of their bids.
It is known that the Saudi show is the first show to leave the race to reach the shortlist.
Chelsea fan Mohamed Al-Khuraiji was at the fore in the Saudi bid to take over the English club, but concerns about a possible delay with the Premier League and the British government were taken into account when the Ryan Group made its decision.
The Saudi media group insisted that its bid was separate from Saudi Arabia, but issues related to the Saudi acquisition of Newcastle United played a role in the Ryan Group’s handling of the Chelsea bid.
The British government and the English Premier League will oversee the sale of Chelsea, in light of the sanctions imposed on its Russian owner Roman Abramovich.
Abramovich put Chelsea up for sale on March 2, after his country invaded Ukraine.
The British government imposed sanctions on the Russian billionaire on March 10, as London claims it has proven links to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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