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Saudi Green Effort..Smarter Policy!

It is no secret or obscure that turbulent, rigid relations, skepticism, anxiety and skepticism have ruled between environmental issues and oil-producing countries and companies.

Oil-producing countries have always played a defensive role, focusing on removing any accusations and denying them outright, and focusing on proposing that oil-producing countries themselves fall victim to political injustice and unjust goals. The ceiling that can be provided.

But something important has changed and happened, because Saudi Arabia has established itself with a definite deadline by introducing promising environmental initiatives to all, especially in countries concerned with oil and climate. , To achieve quality statistics in the field of environment, and the time was remarkable.

It is very surprising that these exceptional and promising environmental initiatives come from the largest country in the world oil production sector.

If we deviate slightly from the environmental dimension completely, we can see that Saudi Arabia has decided to completely change its policy on this matter, instead of using the defensive method used by the oil producing countries. Usually blames climate problems.

The details of the initiatives put forward by Saudi Arabia remain an issue that needs to be carefully considered as it has created a precedent that will force other countries to follow suit.

Saudi Arabia, through its circular economic approach to carbon in line with the country’s development plans, has clearly stated its intention to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060 and is implementing its economic diversification.

This is not the only environmental initiative launched by Saudi Arabia, but the total efforts it has launched will reduce carbon emissions by 278 million tons annually by 2030, and the first phase of a massive afforestation effort launched by planting 450 million trees. Rehabilitating 8 million hectares of degraded land, bringing more than 20 percent of Saudi Arabia’s total protected area to its total area.

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These giant initiatives are expected to have a definite impact on deforestation, increasing rainfall and improving oxygen levels in the general atmosphere.

These initiatives come under the self-explanatory name and meaning of “Green Saudi Arabia”, followed by a broader and more comprehensive initiative, the “Green Middle East”, which is joined by some countries in the region. Described as a serious and real step in overcoming and tackling the global climate crisis through a process that is achievable, measurable and consistent.

There is a declared Saudi commitment that these efforts will be a quality breakthrough in the mood and culture of the public and private sectors at all levels. .

There are important sub-targets that show the seriousness of the new Saudi orientation. There is another initiative launched by the Saudi capital “Riyadh” called “Green Riyadh” and its organizers said that 30 billion riyals will be invested in the projects. In particular, with the goal of protecting and preserving the environment and growing more than 15 million trees, the rate of individual green space by 2030 will increase from 1.7 to 28 square meters in urban areas, resulting in a significant reduction in temperature. In Riyadh 1.5 degrees to two degrees, in addition, there are more than 3300 different sized parks and 43 large parks to improve their quality of life.

Saudi Arabia, with its enormous initiatives, put the ball on the court of the first polluted industrial world and became a smart attacker, unlike what happened in the oil countries before. Ceiling for expected solutions.

Quoted from the Middle East

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