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Saudi news, “Dima Amer” series, episode 8.. A clash between the students and Mr. Amer contains the crisis

Saudi News Many are keen to follow the series “Dayma Amer”, starring the artist Mustafa Shaaban, which is one of the most important works of Ramadan 2022.

In episode 8 of the series, a quarrel occurs between the students of the Roya Private School, which is divided into “National and International”, and Mustafa Shaaban, who embodies the character of Mr. Amer Abdel Razek, the school’s social supervisor, intervenes and tries to contain the crisis.

Summary of the events of the series “Dayma Amer” episode 8

In Episode 8, a battle erupts between the school’s students after the end of the school day, as a number of “International” students gather in front of the gate waiting for a group of “National” students, who have previously assaulted a colleague, and are preparing to take his right from them.

Amer Abdel Razek finds himself surrounded by the problems of the school’s students, and the students are divided into two groups, and he is forced to find solutions to end the problems between the students and each other.

Mustafa Shaaban began in the series “Daima Amer”, the last episode, the first task of his job as a social supervisor, where he met the guardian of the student, Farid, after he was summoned because of a problem in which he was involved, but he discovered that he was a fake person and had nothing to do with the student.

Amer Abdel Razek recorded a video clip of the guardian of the fake student, and his role was embodied by the artist Mohamed Lotfi, in which he admits that he is a film extras, and represents the role of the guardian of any student who falls into a crisis in exchange for a sum of money.

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The series “Dima Amer” discusses education issues in Egypt, and co-stars alongside Mostafa Shaaban, artist Mirna Walid, Salah Abdullah, Lebleba, and Mohamed Tharwat.

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