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Saudi news The return of the Egyptian League .. 3 scenes decorate the first matches of the new season

Saudi news The return of the Egyptian League .. 3 scenes decorate the first matches of the new season

Saudi News The Egyptian League has returned to start its new season 2021-2022, about two months after the end of the last season last August.

The new season of Egyptian LeagueThe match between Al-Ahly Bank and Tala’a Al-Jaish, at Petro Sport Stadium.

Through the following report, “Al Ain Sports” reviews the most prominent scenes from the first matches of the Egyptian League in the new season 2021-2022.

early goal

The Guinean Moussa Diawara, Al-Ahly Bank striker, was the first goal of the current season of the Egyptian League, in the net against the Vanguards of the Army.

The goal came very early, as the Guinean player scored the goal in the fourth minute of the match, after receiving the ball in front of the goal inside the penalty area.

Diawara repeated what Tunisian Seif El-Din Jaziri had done, when the foreigner scored the first goals in the Egyptian League, with the Arab Contractors team against the Vanguards of the Army, in the 2019-2020 season.

first win

Mohamed Hilal scored the second and third goals for the Al-Ahly Bank team in the 81st and 95th minutes of the match, to achieve the team’s first victory in the new season, 3-0.

The Al-Ahly Bank team regained the tone of victories in the Egyptian League at the beginning of the new season, after it failed to do so during the last 3 matches last season.

This victory became the third achieved by Al-Ahly Bank in the last 10 matches, as it tied in the other 7 matches.

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TV transmission

On the other hand, the television broadcast won the approval of many followers of the Egyptian League on social media.

Many observers considered that the broadcast quality that appeared in the match between Al-Ahly Bank and Tala’a Al-Jaish is superior to that that appeared in most of the matches last season.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Diab, head of the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association, confirmed that the new season of the Egyptian League will be transmitted in HD technology with at least 10 cameras in each match.

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