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Saudi News Zamalek appoints assistants to Carteron against his nose…and reveals the “escape message”

Saudi News, Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, announced that an Egyptian duo had joined the technical staff of the team led by French Patrice Carteron.

The Zamalek board of directors appointed Medhat Abdel Hadi as general coach for the first football team, and Amir Azmi Mujahid as assistant coach, in the assistant staff of French Patrice Carteron, although the latter was refusing this matter.

Mortada Mansour explained that the dues of the French Patrice Carteron were paid during the last period, adding: “Amir Mortada, the supervisor of the ball in the club, asked the coach to nominate two assistants to join the technical staff, but Carteron was postponing the matter.”

And Mortada Mansour said in a video posted on his accounts on social media: “The Zamalek Council does not want to create crises with the technical director and demanded that he work and focus.”

He stressed that the new technical staff will start work from Wednesday.

For his part, the Frenchman, Cartieron, confirmed that the club’s management did not offer him any names to choose new assistants to join the supporting staff.

In statements to Al-Ain Sports correspondent, he made it clear that he would not oppose the board of directors’ decision to appoint new assistants, but that he did not need them in the current period.

escape message

Mortada Mansour said that the coach sent some correspondence and messages to demand his financial dues, even before the end of the month in which he demanded his salary.

And he continued in the video clip: “All the financial dues have been paid, and we support the coach to continue, and I tell him the message I sent to someone else explaining the escape plan, which I accidentally sent to my phone.”

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But the coach told Al-Ain Sports reporter: “I did not send any message to the club president via his phone,” explaining that he did not have Mortada Mansour’s number in the first place, so how would he send a message to him.

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