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Saudi refuses to add his son to the family record and the reason!

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A Saudi father refused to add his son to the family registry for an unknown reason, which prompted the son to file a complaint against him, which resulted in him being transferred to the prosecution, which raised his case to one of the Jazan courts, to consider the matter, at a time when the court opened the case file between the father and his son, and determined A hearing between them, before sentencing and dismissal.

The father faces a judicial penalty based on Article 13, where the father refused to respond to the civil status letters addressed to the governorate’s governor, to attend the conditions, and sign the forms to add his son to the family registry, which resulted in his interrogation, investigation, accusations, and transfer to the court, and the latter will open The investigation into the father’s refusal, questioning him with his son, in a remote session, and punishing him for his act. According to the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan.

According to the information, the police of one of the governorates received a letter from the governor, referred to as the letter of the director of the Civil Status Office, because there are forms that need to be signed by the father, so that he can add his son to the family registry, extract the national identity, and he was released based on Article 120, and informing him of his rights of the Law of Criminal Procedure and Article No. 22 of the Executive Regulations, and assigning him to appear before the court in accordance with Article 126, after hearing the statements of the accused.

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son’s complaint

The son explains in his complaint: that his father did not add him to the family registry, and did not extract a national identity for him, without knowing the reasons, indicating that he had papers ready for which only his father’s signature on some forms remained, but he refused to do so. The source indicated that the citizen was accused of not adding his son to the family registry, which caused him harm, and the criminal under the first paragraph of the Protection from Abuse System, indicating that the most prominent charges against him are: what was stated in the accused’s confession not to add his son, and what was stated in the police letter That he is not responsive, is holed up inside his home, and never leaves, and what was mentioned in the letter of the Director of the Status Office regarding his assignment to attend the Civil Affairs because there are forms that require his signature, so that he can add his son to the family registry.

Punishment of the father

The source explained that what the father did is considered forbidden by Sharia, and punishable by law, which must be referred to the General Court, to request proof of his guilt for what was assigned to him, and the ruling to punish him in accordance with Article 13 of the Law of Protection from Abuse, and that the special right still exists for his son.


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