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Saved from further collapse. The largest banks in the United States will give tens of billions of dollars to the First Republic Bank

withA group of leading US banks agreed to support the post-regional financial position of First Republic Bank with an additional $30 billion (ie 680 billion crowns) in liquidity. I swallowed it together on Thursday informed US governments, including the Treasury Department and the Federal Central BankFederal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

This is because First Republic Bank in California has been under pressure as a result of the latter Collapses The US financial position of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and signature bank. According to the press, a total of 11 large US banks, including such giants as JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup or Wells Fargo, have invested in First Republic.

“This move by America’s largest banks is knocking on the doors of the First Republic and banks of all sizes,” they said in a press release. “Regional, medium and small banks are essential to a sound and efficient financial system,” they added.

US boards decided to send a clear signal to the public and the financial sector after it emerged that eFirst Republic saw a large influx of customer deposits this week. On Monday, the bank’s editor-in-chief, James H. Herbert II, for the US CNBC server advertiser, that the bank did not record any significant inflows of funds from the bank, and a few days later the bank issued a press release in which it admitted that it had “suffered” from daily deposit outflows. It did not specify a specific time frame and stated that the rate of money flow is slowing down. he wroteThe American newspaper The New York Times.

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People and companies worry about their finances. There was speculation that the bank could face similar problems with liquidity as the failed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank. First Republic is an idiot in terms of the amount of assets managed by that banker, not SVB, and overall, from that point of view, it’s the 14th largest bank in the USA.

Concerns about deposits prevailed, especially among large companies. Their bank deposits are still much higher, not like the permanent deposit limit in the US – the maximum deposit is $250,000.

The collapse of SVB and Signature banks in recent days has raised concerns about the health of the US banking sector. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Friday that the US banking system is in good shape and Americans do not have to worry about their bank deposits. Next week with a similar swallow I got out And US President Joe Biden.

“The government has taken decisive and various steps to open the door to the public (in the US banking system),” Yellen told the US Senate Finance Committee. “I can assure the committee members that the banking system is sound and Americans can be assured that their deposits will be available to them when needed,” she added.