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Savings accounts: First banks raise interest rates above 3%

Savings accounts: First banks raise interest rates above 3%

On the decision of the Czech National Bank who again Sharp increase in the key interest rateOn Wednesday, the first commercial banks responded: Trinity, Expobank and Creditas. interest at best savings accounts After many years it reached more than three percent.

Trinity Bank Interest increased immediately to 3.08% with no deposit cap. However, those who open a new savings account (they can also be existing customers) and deposit money they did not have into Trinity Bank as of December 21 will receive this benefit. If these conditions are not met, they will receive a maximum of 2.58%.

If you expect the bank to automatically offer higher and current interest rates to new and existing customers without further restrictions, this could be number one for you. Expobank. Yesterday announced that the day new . account The interest rate will increase by one percentage point to 3.01%. Officially, it’s a checking account, but it’s actually among the top savings – in the long run. However, you have to wait until January 10 to increase.

From December 24th, it will improve savings Creditas Bank. In a classic savings account with instant withdrawal option, it will offer 2.8% for deposits up to 350,000, for the higher part of this 1.8% limit. For those who only need a one-month notice period, i.e. the chance to choose a deposit just one month after the intent is announced, they will receive 3% to 350k, or 2% above this limit.

The best savings accounts readily available at interest rates for new applicants

Bank Noun maximum benefit determinants
Trinity Bank Savings Account Advantage + Good Customer 3.08% There is no limit on the total amount. For existing and new customers, if they have opened a new savings account and deposited in it funds that they have not deposited with Trinity Bank as of December 21 (the total balance must be increased).
Expobank new . account 3.01% without restrictions. It is a checking account without fees, and interest is applicable to any amount. The 3.01% interest rate only applies from January 10, before that 2.01%.
Creditas Bank Savings Account + 2.8% 2.8% interest on deposits up to 350 thousand, and the rest of the deposits 1.8%. Without conditions. With a month’s notice, the interest is up to 3%.
Money Bank Monita Savings or saved 2,5% The interest rate of 2.5% on deposits up to one million is 0.5% for a portion of the deposit over one million. You need to open a new savings account, otherwise no conditions.
J&T Banka saving account 2% The initial deposit must be at least 1 million kroner. This requirement does not apply to existing customers who already have or have deposits with J&T of at least one million kroner or investments of at least 100 thousand kroner. The notice period is one day. With a notice period of 1 month (33 days) the interest rate is 2.25%.
hello bank Hello saving 1.8% For deposits up to CZK 200,000. Any part over CZK 200,000 will not bear interest.
Sberbank saving account 1.8% The requirement is at least a checking account in the Plus variant – it’s only free if you pay by card at least five times a month. 1.8% interest on deposits up to 1 million or 1% for larger amounts. Without a current account 1.5% and 0.8%.
Source: Official bank documents,

Even 4% attracts Since last week Komeční banka under the name Bonus Invest Saving Account. But it has two important conditions: to have a checking account with it or to open an account. And most importantly: New with KB to invest in mutual funds (from Amundi), the same amount or higher. In other words: The savings account will earn as much as you can at the same time you put in the money. Similar mix rescue a investment boost i ČSOB a Sberbank.

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Higher interest rates on savings accounts with more significant restrictions

Bank Noun benefit determinants
commercial bank Investing a savings account bonus 4% The requirement is to simultaneously invest the same or higher amount in mutual funds, including the entry fee (for some it is waived) and also to have a checking account with Komerční banka.
ČSOB (Poštovní spořitelna) win Duo 3% The requirement is to invest at least 30,000 CZK in mutual funds, including entry fees. Then 3% interest is paid on the savings account only up to the amount corresponding to the investment amount, and the bank guarantees it for one year. Then only the standard interest (currently 0.01%).
Creditas Bank Richee Junior’s savings 2.8% This is a savings account for children. An interest of 2.8% applies to deposits up to 350,000 CZK, above this limit 1.8%. Withdrawal restrictions (monthly limits).
Sberbank investment bonus 2,75% The requirement is to invest at least 300,000 CZK in mutual funds, including entry fees. 2.75% interest is paid on the savings account with a maximum of 500 thousand, and the bank guarantees it for one year. For amounts over 500K, the interest rate is 0.01%.
commercial bank Junior Savings Account 2% This is a savings account for children. 2% interest is applied on deposits up to CZK 200,000. A maximum of one payment per month can be sent with a maximum of 50,000 CZK.
Source: Official bank documents,

At no point in the past 10 years has it seemed like a great show. But on an annual basis inflation Now it’s more than six percent, so even the best savings accounts won’t cover it very far.

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