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Savings Bank extends a 15% discount on purchases in chains

Savings Bank extends a 15% discount on purchases in chains

People who pay by card from Czech savings banksDuring the month of October, they can save up to 500 kroner when shopping at Albert and Globus chains as well. The bank extended the campaign for another month. The bonus cap is recalculated from zero in October, regardless of whether it will be used in August or September.

The condition is to activate the discount in the cashback program. This is available through mobile banking George. Those who have already activated the discount will automatically continue in October.

from each batch in Albert or Globe – From the moment the discount is activated – the Savings Bank will return 15 percent to the customer’s bank account within ten days of the following calendar month. A maximum of 500 kroner per month can be earned on one card, which equates to a total spend of about 3333 kroner. All purchases in both series add up to the maximum.

Payment for a purchase can be made not only with a card in a classic plastic form, but also with a phone or a watch. In addition to payments at the station directly at the store’s cash register, purchases ordered through with receipt at a hypermarket in Zličín or Ostrava in Prague are also counted. The discount can also be applied to the Globus laundry line. On the contrary, it does not apply to Globus gas stations. It also does not apply to transactions involving cash withdrawals, on the so-called Cashback.

Customers can find Moneyback after logging into George’s mobile banking in the upper right, where they have their profile. Then they select Moneyback in the list and choose from the discounts currently offered at individual merchants. The requirement is always to pay at the merchant with a special card from Česká spořitelna (debit, credit or virtual card), including cards stored in Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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The discount in the Albert and Globus chains attracted a total of 88,000 new activations of the cashback discount program in August and September. This discount is currently activated by 360,000 customers. “In August and September, we will pay them a total of more than 100 million kroner,” explains spokesman Lukasz Krupek. In total, approximately 750,000 customers already use Moneyback, and the savings bank has returned them 289 million kroner since the start of the program.

In practice, the discount of fifteen percent in large chains is the most significant that customers of some domestic banks can use in similar programs. Air Bank or UniCredit offer discounts at Albert and Globus, but they stay at the previous level of about 2 to 6 percent.

Hello bank has also had an attractive promotion in recent weeks, but only for customers with a credit card – last week, for example. 20% off At any gas station. mBank revenue up 10% through end of September From mKart Svět payments at stations in foreign “brick and mortar” stores, if made via mobile phone or watch. And for example, Komerční banka bonuses in September and October Purchases in the so-called responsible online stores.

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