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Pozdravte jelena, rysa či lišku. Velký výlet nejen pro malé s hádankami, zábavou i poznáním. Testováno na dětech

Say hello to deer, lynx or fox. A great journey not only for the little ones with puzzles, fun and knowledge. Tested on children


Photo: Vojt Dch Dundáek (plus other photos in the article)

explained: The forest zoo at the Chuchelský háj Gamekeeper’s Lodge takes care of injured animals or abandoned cubs, but it is also a background for environmental education and forest pedagogy.

Animals are one of the tutus that eat almost all children. Forest Zoos, operated by Lesy hl, offer a very exciting possibility to take a trip behind them. The city of Prague as part of the rescue station M Prague for wild animals. It serves as a refuge for animals that cannot return to the wild due to a disability, and continues the tradition of enclosures that forests set up at hunting lodges in the past, providing injured animals with facilities and time to recover.

Due to the fact that it can be accessed for free, it offers financially indulgent afternoons and fun afternoons and a great opportunity to introduce children to the animals of our nature. On a Sunday in May we went to the zoo in Malá Chuchla, which is the closest to me, and I was really sorry we hadn’t been here before. It was accessible even in emergency situations, as it is not a closed area.

Little Chuchli Zoo

You can go to Malá Chuchle at any time, a lot of information is generally available here

Little Chuchli Zoo

Even the youngest of them will learn how things work in nature. You might be surprised at the attention they will hear when you read to them about it.

Every week, a new test track

The car can be parked about 1.5 kilometers from the corner, which is enough to take it there and back with a quiet and relaxing walk. Lacey does. In addition, from about the middle of the road, the city of Prague complements the children’s excursion with test questions, which they update every week. We had a series focused on squirrels, and even as adults we learned a lot of fun things. Along the way, you’ll meet the first smaller playground, where you can stop a bit and let the kids play. Cyclists can go here on the A112 bike path, which connects Velká Chuchle and the Barrandov Residential Estate.

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Little Chuchli Zoo

Animals certainly don’t have a deficiency, so forget about some “improving”. can hurt them.

Little Chuchli Zoo

After filling the bellies, a nap follows. Even during this, the residents of the four-legged zoo will not allow curious visitors to distract them from peace.

In harmony with nature

Personally, I love Chuchle Zoo, how it is placed non-violently in the surrounding nature. It can be seen that the operator is really dedicated to him. The playground is preserved, contains game elements that refer to animals (for example, grouping pictures of the animal family: male, female, cub) and the general atmosphere is very pleasant. Young children can have fun here for a few hours by jogging between the swings and pastures. You’ll also find basic refreshments here, but a longer waiting list and waiting time is necessary.

Little Chuchli Zoo

The test tracks change every week, so visitors can easily turn into a family tradition. You will always find something new here.

Little Chuchli Zoo

Need a little rest? You get the chance, kids definitely have something to enjoy.

You can greet the European deer, the wild boar, the lynx and the fox, which, unfortunately, have been successfully hiding from us. Of the birds, children can admire, for example, an owl or a pheasant. Although there are warnings everywhere that visitors are not feeding the game, they also encounter tragedies here. On Christmas 2017, a sika deer died in one enclosure and a goat died in the other. They ate large amounts of bread from the visitors and died of gastrointestinal complications. The animals are well looked after here, so the “goodies to improve” from visitors are more likely to hurt them.

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Little Chuchli Zoo

The goal of the rescue station is to return the sick to the wild

Little Chuchli Zoo

But if they are not strong enough to lead a free life, here they will find a new home

Other zoos in Prague

The Chuchel Zoo is the largest, but in addition to this, the rescue station operates three more. The oldest is Hostivař Wild Garden, which has been open to the public since 1970. Five years ago, it was renovated, new animal enclosures, hiking trails and elevated views, and plenty of green space were planted. You can get acquainted with unique white deer, mosses and many birds. Interesting is the local insect hotel, which is the largest in the Czech Republic. Cameron goats and lefties live in the small Kamýk Zoo, and the diamond cyclists look out at the world from their cage. Then the European fallow deer found refuge in Conratis.

Little Chuchli Zoo

Even adults may not know anything. For example, that the stalls are not only for birds and the stall is not the same as the stall.

Many other activities of Lesů hl. Prague. There are educational events for schools and the public, such as a guided tour with feeding, the educational jungle game program (for schools), where children experience the challenging life of jungle animals, or the Night in the Forest experience program, which is linked to sleep.

Interesting facts from the rescue station in the capital, Prague:

  • In 2020, the station received 5,186 animals, 143 different species
  • Among them, for example, a swan caught in a poaching bait, or a mouflon, which probably broke a leg when hit by a car.
  • Young, unindependent pups made up 49% of all cases received
  • The youngest hedgehog, adopted last year, was only 4 to 5 days old
  • Among the most rescued duck species, which often hatch in enclosed yards or on rooftops or terraces, duck mothers have no way of bringing them into the water.
  • Typical mammalian patients are chipmunks, which the station receives from 120 to 140 annually
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Enter by: Petra Dundasek Buzova