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Sayings of 2022: Politicians played Game of Thrones, wore sweaters and scary baby shops

An ordinary person drives from Brno to Bratislava, I see Biklav, he turns right and I’m in Vienna. a few kilometers. And on the left I have Warsaw. Common sense.In the Sejm in early September, Andrej Babis criticized the idea of ​​driving the motorway to Vienna via Mikulov. A video with this statement also appeared on the social network TikTok. One user commented on the post: “When you go on vacation with your family and let your wife move around.”

They are fascists and Nazis. These are the Electorate of Spulu and Beristan. These are the dangerous people.With these words, Babić criticized his opponents, the voters of the opposition parties, in one of his summer political tours of the republic in Tabor.

Holy Mary … Well, the Moon, Mars, Pluto, Saturn … What else is there? Sun.This is how the presidential candidate responded on the December TV show Prima K tabuli! When the students asked him if he could name the planets of the solar system.

My job is not to listen to Michálek say Okamura has a hot tub. I go to work. When Alenka Schillerová tells me “You should be in the hall,” I’m here.This came in a hearing of the House of Representatives in early September during the attempt to overthrow the government of Peter Fiala.

Ms. Pekarova said that the Hungarians did not vote for Orban. Do you even know that Orban is the Hungarian Vaclav Havel? Do you know anything about that? don’t you knowOne of the statements made at the beginning of September in the Chamber of Deputies during the failed attempt to overthrow the government of Petr Fiala (ODS).

When we played Game of Thrones all night, it was a battle for spots, a sushi deal, an agreement from Osaka that Timmermans would be chairman, so V4 took over more countries that crazy Timmermans wasn’t around. Ursula is there. But it may have kissed the ring for the green zealots in the European Parliament, and they haven’t woken up yet.He was heard in September in the Chamber of Deputies during an attempt to overthrow the government of Peter Fiala.