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Scammers use Frank Ocean’s AI-generated songs to steal thousands of dollars

Written by:: Rasha Kamal

Thursday, May 11, 2023 10:00 PM

More music done Created by artificial intelligenceWhich simulates a famous artist used to steal money after the illusion that it is original, where it was sold Collection of fake songs of Frank Ocean for $13,000 Canadian dollars ($9,722 USD) last month on a music leaking forum dedicated to the Grammy-winning singer, according to Vice If the story sounds familiar, it’s basically a recycling of a fiasco AI Drake / The Weeknd Last month. According to the site engadget

As generative AI takes the world by storm – allocated Google Just most of her keynote address I/O 2023 him – people eager to make a quick buck through unscrupulous means seize the moment, before copyright laws catch up, it also gave him a headache Spotify which has not been withdrawn recently Fake Drake Not only that, but tens of thousands of other audio clips created by AI After receiving complaints from Universal MusicIts fake.

One of the crooks who used the blacksmith’s handle, told L.L Vice that they had hired someone to compose “about nine” songs from the ocean using “high quality audio snippets” from the sound of Thinkin’Bout You The singer, the user posted a clip of one of the fake tracks to a leaked music forum and claimed that it quickly convinced its users of its authenticity, “Immediately, I noticed that everyone was starting to believe it” the fact that Ocean She hasn’t released a new album since 2016 and recently teased an upcoming follow up single blonde It may have added to the eagerness to believe the songs were real.

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The scammer claims that several people expressed interest in the private messages, offered to “pay big bucks for it” and reportedly got $3,000 to $4,000 per song in mid-to-late April. The user has since been banned from the leaked music forum, Which may be suffering from an existential crisis, as AI-generated music makes it easier than ever to produce convincing cover clips, Malik Khadem said. Discord Where the fake tracks are gaining traction: “This situation has taken a huge toll on our server credibility, and will lead to distrust of any new unverified vendor throughout these communities and the world.”