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Scandal does not suit your age!

Scandal does not suit your age!

The Egyptian artist and dancer, Fifi Abdo, appeared in a video clip she posted on her Instagram page, in which she appeared dancing barefoot on the Egyptian artist Amr Diab’s song “The Night Places”, wearing short jeans and a pink shirt, raising her hair and commenting: “Good evening.” One of the sweetest sunsets that I danced to on the song “Places of Night” by Amr Diab.

Followers interacted greatly with the video that Fifi Abdo published, and it has won more than 35,000 likes, so far, and flirted with her grace and the way she danced despite her advanced age, while some criticized her, considering her bold appearance and dancing a scandal of high caliber, and not worthy of her age, especially as she was exposed to more From a recent illness, asking her to be modest and stop dancing.

Fifi Abdo also participated earlier in her audience’s participation in a video in which she appeared dancing to the tunes of the song “Sibk Who Says You Love” by popular singer Ahmed Shaybah from the North Coast, and commented on the video, saying: “Oh, good evening from the North Coast, this is Ahmed Shaybah’s song called Sibek.” Who says I love you with words, and I see that also?

And Fifi Abdo had suffered a health crisis that she went through for months, after she was exposed to a medical error, due to a line injection in the back area, and she appeared in a video and told her fans what happened with her, and she also published a picture of her from the northern coast on her Twitter page commenting in a tweet to her, “No So let’s live, let’s die, we are all.”

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