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Schneider Electric introduced a hidden radio with DAB +

Schneider Electric introduced a hidden radio with DAB +

Schneider Electric has expanded its product range with a new Merten DAB + receiver. The device supports wireless audio playback from multimedia devices, displays the date and time, has an alarm clock and a sleep timer. It is installed under the plaster in the wiring box.

Users can connect their smartphones, tablets, or other audio source via Bluetooth and stream their music wirelessly. After pairing, up to eight Bluetooth devices are stored in the radio unit and the connection is established automatically. A list of up to 40 favorite stations can be easily set up using the touch screen.

The novelty is suitable for horizontal and vertical installation, and can be installed in the wall without visible cables. “Traditional 230-volt dual socket outlets can be converted into a versatile radio in a very short time,” the company said in an announcement of a new product. “Thanks to this, it can also be used in older installations and in areas lacking space. For example, a circuit breaker can be connected to the radio via an auxiliary input of external switches and thus be turned on or off in parallel. A complete set is available, which includes Recessed speaker plus radio, for standard wiring box installation.

The kit consists of a portable streaming radio mechanism for DAB + and FM reception, for music playback via Bluetooth, an antenna, and also a recessed speaker. The kit must be housed in a double Merten System-M frame. Frames are available in various design variations and colors, from a simple white plastic design to glass frames. Installation depth is 29mm, more details art paper.

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