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Schools and some shops were opened.  Is this true?  Virologist answers

Schools and some shops were opened. Is this true? Virologist answers

And the a challenge Will match virolog Libor Grubhoffer.

The restrictions imposed on travel between regions or overnight trips have also ended in a state of emergency. It opened a stationery store, children’s clothing and shoe stores, farmers’ markets and other services, and some pupils returned to school under rotating instructions and testing.

“Shut yourself up at home, it’s a terrible message, but that’s the case,” Grobover called at the end of February, fearing that the numbers aren’t moving in the right direction, and according to the virologist, the Czech Republic was threatened with similar pictures of New York or Bergamo last year.

Is the Czech Republic really one of the worst countries in the world? Is there no risk that the numbers will change for the worse again? We will ask for that Virologist Libor Grubhoffer on Thursday from 2:30 pm on Web List News. You can also ask our questions The social networking site FacebookAnd the TwitterYou can send questions to e-mail [email protected] Or write it in the comments below the article, even while it’s live.

While the Czechs are relaxing, the vaccination debate has reached its climax, too. Among other things, due to a change in the head of the most important department for managing the epidemic – the Ministry of Health. His new boss, dermatologist Peter Arrenberger, differs from his predecessor, Jan Platney, in his approach to the Sputnik V vaccine. While Blatný refused to purchase and use it without proper approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the new minister had previously admitted that he had permitted the vaccination of those interested in this substance, As part of a clinical trial only with a stamp from the Ethics Committee and the State Drug Control Institute (SÚKL).

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Is Czech vaccination fast and effective enough, and how can Sputnik V get away with it? How fearful should we be of Coronavirus mutations?

Watch the live broadcast on Thursday from 14:30 on the News List.