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Science is a way of thinking

There is no aspect that enriched human life like science, if we talked about the depth of what was presented, and what contributed to the development of societies over decades and eras, but throughout human history, we would not have done it its right. Science, which is characterized by development and breadth to the point of unfamiliarity and understanding, remains the most important engine In human life, and the most important aspect that contributed to the development of this human being, and the increase in his life knowledge, but the most important thing that science presented, or at least one of the most important things it presented, is the momentum of information, which it spread, and contributed to strengthening the cognitive presence of man, increasing his mental and thinking abilities, and the most important The characteristics of this science are that whenever a door is opened, it leads to more doors that need research, investigation and study, and this process has made it a sea without a shore, or a sky without limits or a roof.

So you feel that no matter how much a person learns, his passion leads him towards more science, and towards more searching for knowledge, and science itself responds to this need, and nourishes man with knowledge and science without hesitation. Rather, the more time a person spends in research and study, endless new windows are opened. To new areas that need to be studied, which shows that there is an increasing and continuous need for learning, and yet we learned from science itself the way of thinking, the way of meditation, the way of making the right decisions, the way of understanding and listening. and psychological and physical safety.

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The American astronomer Carl Edward Sagan, who contributed and sought to simplify the sciences of astronomy, astrophysics, and other natural sciences, says: Science is a way of thinking more than it is a set of knowledge. For science, and the need for continuous and permanent learning.