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علم أم شعوذة؟.. خبير أبراج يكشف كيفية التنبؤ بالأحداث

Science or sorcery?.. a horoscope expert reveals how to predict events

Science or sorcery? People often confuse quackery with witchcraft and predictions of horoscopes derived from astronomy that appeared since ancient times and spread across successive civilizations and issued by many books and books that dealt with this science in an objective and logical manner.. How do horoscope experts predict events before they occur?

The expert on horoscopes and astronomy, Muhammad Sobhi, known as “the fortune teller”, said that all the predictions he makes, whether or not they have occurred yet, are based on astronomy, which has its origins in the beginning of civilizations, where this science was used in all civilizations and cultures, but there is no A comparison between scientific predictions as a result of the movement of stars and astronomy and the unseen, for the unseen is in the hands of God alone, and He is able to create it and know it.

This came during a symposium in a cultural center in Dokki, where the fortuneteller was cited saying: “There are many Quranic verses that prove my speech and confirm that the knowledge of the unseen is in the hands of God alone.”

He added: “Astronomy is like other sciences, and the evidence for it is the doctor’s prediction of the patient’s condition, for example. It is the science of medicine, as well as astronomy and horoscopes. They are not less valuable than medicine, with all my respect and appreciation for doctors.”

The expert on the towers stressed that the star of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is high and in constant glow, expecting that he will dictate his will to many, including heads of state who will return to Egypt for support during the coming period, expecting that the Renaissance Dam crisis will end before the end of the year.

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On the question of why the nature and fortunes of two twins belonging to the same sign differ, he answered that the astrological map of a person is what determines what he is, and it is drawn by the instant date of birth, so you will find that there are severe differences between twins in everything.

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