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Scientific achievements and the future of the world | Mohammed Khalifa

Mohammed Khalifa

The news of the tremendous progress in the science of energy and nuclear fusion raises to mankind several questions about the existence of major transformations, especially in the case of the creative sciences of the mental essence by producing knowledge in the structure of existence, and the role of man in this influence, and the discoveries it yielded that changed the face of humanity, as well as the mighty human efforts For scientists through successive generations with an unprecedented scientific effort, as technology and modern technology are no longer confined to factories and scientific sites only; Rather, it has become an essential part of the economic and civilized human being. Whereas, the tremendous development has created a huge expansion in the use of technological equipment at the educational and civilized level, and thanks to this intensive use of these advanced technological equipment, humanity will witness a transformation and change in the course of human societies.

There is cause for optimism in this regard, especially in light of the global warming situation that is growing on the planet and threatening its survival, and the sense of the urgent need to find an effective solution to this problem. The US Department of Energy announced that a team of researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California succeeded in producing a “net energy balance” from nuclear fusion; These researchers produced about 2.5 megajoules of energy in a nuclear fusion reaction, or about 120 percent of the 2.1 megajoules the laser used to start the reaction. The ministry described this as a major scientific breakthrough in the possibility of using nuclear fusion technology to run various machines. Nuclear fusion occurs when two hydrogen atoms unite to form an atom heavier than helium, which causes a huge batch of energy to be released in the process. Fusion reactions occur when Materials are in a state called the plasma state, a state in which matter takes the form of a hot, charged gas made up of positive ions and free electrons, and has unique properties that distinguish it from solid, liquid and gaseous states. The illumination of the sun and stars is due to nuclear fusion processes.

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Scientists believe that atomic fusion in the sun takes place at a high temperature of more than ten million degrees in order to overcome the electrical repulsion between the nuclei of atoms. Fusion results in the production of a huge amount of energy, four times the amount of energy produced by nuclear fission reactions, and fusion reactions can be the basis for fusion power reactors in the future. Although nuclear fusion has become a reality on the ground through fusion reactors located in major countries that produce hydrogen bombs and warheads, the use of fusion as energy to drive various engines is still difficult. Because this requires the creation of a chemical medium that guarantees the continuity of the fusion processes, and this medium is represented in the high temperature, so in order for the fusion to occur, a very high temperature must be available, and at that point the light atoms can merge with each other in order to generate energy, but how is the way to create a high and continuous heat in The structures of the machines, and it is known that scientists used white carbon “graphite” in the heart of atomic reactors, because this material preserves heat and prevents its escape from the reactor, but is it possible to use the same material in the future, in order to achieve continuous atomic fusion?

The obstacle of continuous chemical reaction seems to be difficult to overcome in the near and perhaps distant future, and until this is reached, oil will remain a crowned king on the throne of energy, as there is no other energy that exists beyond its advantages and capabilities in running various machines, and according to the report of the statistical review of the oil company British (BP), the world consumes 60 million barrels of oil in the transport sector, out of about 100 million barrels consumed by the world daily. How is it possible to stop consuming oil without causing a catastrophe in the world? Today, Europe is suffering from a real energy crisis due to the lack of resources of oil and gas. prices, it is certain that any alternative energy will not be as efficient as oil and its miraculous capabilities.

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From this point of view, the oil-producing countries will remain of great importance on the international economic map, and the major countries will continue to compete over oil resources to achieve the continued leadership of their economy. And scientists will have great challenges in how to overcome the oil age, which is almost impossible, at least in the near future.

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