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Scientific research suggests that interstellar travel is possible without spacecraft

Scientific research suggests that interstellar travel is possible without spacecraft

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Some scientists consider that the idea of ​​interstellar travel is not just science fiction, as the laws of physics that we know do not oppose or prevent this principle. So they are not afraid to put forward ideas that might one day enable humanity to achieve this goal.

In this context, a new research article in the International Journal of Astrobiology indicates that interstellar travel may not require space ships to escape the existential threats that will haunt the planet, with the aim of reaching another star system. This article is based on the reliance on free-floating planets, also known as rogue planets.

It is known that this type of planet is similar to planets in all respects, but it is distinguished by the fact that it has either been expelled from its system or was not primarily within the gravitational range of any star while it is freely floating in space.

The article was titled “Migration of Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Interstellar Colonization” by Irina Romanovskaya, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the College of Houston.

“Extraterrestrial civilizations have already begun to use rogue planets as interstellar transport to access, explore, and colonize planetary systems,” Romanovskaya suggests. “When it comes to searching for other civilizations, these efforts can leave technical and artefacts,” she says.

According to the researcher, it is possible that rogue planets, whether in the Milky Way or in billions of other galaxies, carry their “private lives” with them in subterranean oceans that remain warm due to radioactive decay.

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Romanovskaya believed that “space telescopes, in addition to searching for life on the planets of the fixed solar systems, should also search for technologies that may have been left by other space civilizations.”

Romanovskaya argues that if we’re about to use nuclear fusion to generate and control energy, advanced civilizations might already be using it, which could turn a frozen rogue planet into something that could support life.