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Scientists accidentally discover hidden galaxies on the edge of time

Scientists accidentally discover hidden galaxies on the edge of time

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Japanese astronomers have discovered two galaxies hidden on the “edge of space and time”, which Einstein described as “space-time”, using 66 radio telescopes to discover very long distances and penetrate the overlapping environments and universes.

According to a report published by “vice” magazine on Thursday, September 23, 2021, astronomers monitored, by pure chance, two galaxies on the “edge of time and space” that remained hidden and hidden behind a thick veil of dust, until they were discovered now.

These obscured galaxies formed more than 13 billion years ago, only about 800 million years after the birth of the universe itself, which may enable scientists to find other ancient objects covered in dust.

The discovery was led by a group of scientists led by Yoshinobu Fudamoto, an astronomer at the Waseda University Research Institute of Science and Engineering in Japan, and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). With brighter UV lights.

According to tweaktown, the team used the Atacama Large Millimeter Subarray (ALMA), located in Chile, to make the discovery.

The (ALMA) system is an astronomical interferometer consisting of 66 radio telescopes that is able to see through the environments and the accumulating universes located at very large distances “incredibly”.

The team found the two new galaxies when it was observing two target galaxies codenamed REBELS-12 and REBELS-29.

During the observations, the team noticed that thousands of light-years away from the target galaxies, there were strange bright emissions that they traced and studied their source.

After research and follow-up, the team discovered two galaxies, which were named “REBELS-12-2” and “REBELS-29-2”.

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These galaxies are hidden for a very long time behind a cloud of cosmic dust, where they cannot be seen by ultraviolet radiation or by optical light.

Researchers estimate that the newly discovered galaxies formed just 800 million years after the birth of the universe, which occurred 13.8 billion years ago.