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تعملها إزاى.. كيفية تثبيت تغريدة فى Twitter Space

Scientists and astronauts are turning to other platforms amid Twitter issues

Concerns about conditions in the Twitter platform prompted after he took over Elon Musk Company leadership, many users to leave the site entirely or at least threaten to do so, and it is not limited to political commentators or influencers on Twitter; A number of scientists and astronauts have threatened to permanently log out of Twitter.

According to Space, the moves are part of a larger trend under the hashtag #TwitterMigration, which is taking off among many in the Twitter science community, including former Google AI ethicist Timnit Gebru and astrophysicist Chanda Prescod. -Weinstein and others.

Others also believe that Musk is the perfect fit to take on the challenge of turning Twitter profitable, given his success with SpaceX.

Regardless of Twitter’s eventual fate, the Twitter climate in recent weeks has led to an increase in the number of monthly active users of Mastodon, a decentralized, ad-free social networking framework that works more like a collection of independent Discord servers or Reddit communities than a unified one, according to the president. Mastodon CEO Eugene Roshko There are now over 1 million monthly active users on Mastodon.

That may be a small number relative to Twitter’s nearly a quarter of a billion daily active users, as reported in Twitter’s latest financial disclosure in July 2022, but it nonetheless marks a major milestone for the volunteer-run social media platform.

The Twitter turmoil may be embarrassing for some in the space community, who find themselves effectively in rebellion against the SpaceX CEO who has arguably done more to revitalize American spaceflight in the past decade than anyone else, but for many astronomers, it may be Twitter is the latest thing Musk has ruined for them.

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