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Scientists compile recipe for 'cool bubbles'

Scientists compile recipe for ‘cool bubbles’

The League’s expert recipe for perfect bubbles will delight every bubble blower fan. It proves that science can provide us with useful insights into summer fun.

What leads to the maximum bubble size desired by each bubble blower has been the subject of scientific research. He was joined by a team of physicists and chemists from Emory University in Atlanta, USA. At first glance, the humorous study revealed a recipe for the largest and most stable bubbles.

More bubbles

It is not as trivial as it might seem at first glance. The quality of bubbles is related to the fluid dynamics of gases. So researchers have studied, for example, what is the optimal bubble wall thickness for atmospheric conditions? And what is the composition of the fluid that leads to them?

A scientific team led by Justin Burton created different mixtures and measured how long it takes for bubbles to burst. During the year, he perfected a mixture that, in addition to soapy water, also contained the longest remaining bubbles in the form of a polymer.

These long chains of repeating molecules provided greater stability of the bubble walls in a turbulent environment. But polymers also have different qualities. By far, the polymers of different lengths that are in the new lubricants are a little better, as the polymers begin to degrade.

Different lengths ensure higher durability of the walls, because individual polymers are better interlocked. This is a completely new physical result of the study, published in the journal physical revision fluids, Which may someday find an application beyond the limits of bubbles.

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And now the recipe

… About the perfect mixture of bubbles, which Atlanta scientists also described in the video:

You need 1 liter of water, 50 milliliters of dishwashing detergent, 2 to 3 grams of guar gum powder (a natural thickener – even for food), 50 milliliters of technical isopropanol (or technical alcohol) and 2 grams of baking powder .

Once you have the ingredients for a single dose, mix dry guar gum well with the isopropanol – until you have a clump-free suspension. Then add the water while stirring and stir gently for at least ten more minutes. Then let the mixture stand and mix for a few minutes. This will allow the guar gum to soak in.

The whole mixture should start to thicken slightly. After a few minutes, add the powder, and finally the detergent and mix gently without sudsing.

Then soak an eye or a net made of natural fabric in the prepared bubble blower mixture and create giant bubbles by gently waving or blowing.

Voila, the fun is for sure.