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Scientists develop a robotic doctor to perform surgeries in space (video)

Scientists develop a robotic doctor to perform surgeries in space (video)

American scientists are developing a robotic doctor to perform surgical operations in space, called “MIRA”, which can perform surgery independently on humans in space later.

Robots searching for aliens

A test process for this robotic doctor is taking place aboard the International Space Station (ISS), in the year 2024, after scientists and researchers have completed the necessary research for it.

newspaper said Daily Mail The British said he expects that the “robot” will be ready within the next two years, after the necessary experiments have been conducted on it.

She added that the robotic surgeon “Mira” was invented by Shane Variator, a professor at the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, America, noting that the project comes with the support and funding of the US space agency “NASA”.

She explained that in 2024, the miniature surgical robot will be launched towards the space station, where it will be tested to prove its ability to cut simulated tissue.

Scientists say that one day, this robot could repair an astronaut’s torn appendix during a mission to Mars, or remove shrapnel from a soldier who suffered an explosion thousands of miles away.

The surgeon, Mira, will operate independently, without the direction of a physician or astronaut. And inside an experimental cabinet the size of a microwave oven when launched into space.

It is noteworthy that NASA is preparing to start building small swimming robots tasked with searching for alien creatures in the oceans.

An expert from the US Space Agency has also come up with the idea of ​​an ice-melting probe, which can send a payload of phone-sized robots into deep water, according to the American newspaper, “The New York Post”.

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The project is called SWIM – or Sensing With Micro-Swimmers, and the team is set to begin building prototypes for it within the next two years, after securing funding.

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The team plans to create tiny robots about 5 inches tall and 3-5 cubic inches in size, packaged together into a single ship and launched to collect data on other organisms under thick ice.