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Scientists discover a "disguised" electromagnetic channel linking Earth to space... Photos and video

Scientists discover a “disguised” electromagnetic channel linking Earth to space… Photos and video

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A group of scientists has discovered an “invisible path of propagation” of electromagnetic waves around the Earth, using data on electromagnetic (EM) waves and plasma particles measured simultaneously across a range of different satellites.

Several types of electromagnetic waves around the planet occur naturally in the geographical space of the Earth, and cause changes in the plasma environment that surrounds the Earth through a physical process known as “wave-particle interaction”.

Electromagnetic waves become more active, in conjunction with the occurrence of space storms caused by disturbances of the sun and solar wind, and changes in the geographical space environment may sometimes cause damage to spacecraft, expose astronauts to radiation, or disrupt electricity and energy networks on Earth.

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To understand the nature of the variations and differences in the plasma environment caused by these waves in space, a set of measurements were made at several space locations by spacecraft such as the Japanese “Arase” spacecraft.

In order to properly understand the effects of electromagnetic waves, especially as they spread far away from their source, it is necessary to understand where electromagnetic waves are generated in space and how they spread. But it is difficult to unravel the origin of electromagnetic waves and the enigmas of their spatially propagation using only single-point observation.

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The “electromagnetic ionic cyclotron waves (EMIC waves)”, which this study focused on, are an important class of geospatial electromagnetic waves that induce changes in the geospatial plasma environment. This wave has a limited spatial source. The source region of the ionic mode waves has a limited spatial range. EMIC waves propagate from the north of the planet to the south along the geomagnetic field lines.

An international research group that worked to link the observations recorded from space using the Japanese “Arase” and the American “Van Allen Probes” probes, with observations from the Japanese “PWING” project and the Canadian “CARISMA Magnetometer” array, succeeded in conducting simultaneous observations of “EMIC” waves from Different locations, and by comparing the observation data obtained from each location, the scientists found that only the waves in the “propagation path” in the form of lines are able to travel from space to Earth, according to the time. published inGeophysical Research Letters.

A group of probes detected the presence of waves similar to “EMIC” waves near the geomagnetic equator, which indicates the existence of a propagation path for “EMIC” waves between space and Earth.

The Arase probe observed the presence of EMIC waves in the mid-latitudes and contributed to the determination of the spatial size of the propagation path.

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According to the article, accurate measurements of plasma particles obtained from Arase and Van Allen Probes showed that EMIC waves activate thermal ions as they propagate along the “propagation path”; Thus, it causes changes in the surrounding plasma environment, according to the published article In the scientific journal “phys”.

It is known that “EMIC” waves produce proton aurora, and the results of this study can be interpreted as showing the path taken by the energy that is the source of the proton aurora when propagating from space to Earth.

The study also revealed the “propagation path” to direct “EMIC” waves from space to Earth, by understanding the location of the waves’ source in space and how they spread, which could explain the mechanism by which the space plasma environment simultaneously occurs in the vast geographical space, and will contribute The results of this study improve the accuracy of space weather forecasting.