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Scientists discover a strange object in space that causes its host star to dim by up to 75%

Scientists discover a strange object in space that causes its host star to dim by up to 75%

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A group of astronomers announced the discovery of a strange object in space, which sends baffling and irregular flashes from space.

Planets orbiting their stars sometimes cause flashes because they block the light from those stars, but in the case of the newly discovered object, the way in which this body blocks the light from its star cannot be explained in terms of the stability, fluctuation, or randomness of the flashes.

According to the research published in The Astronomical JournalThe only thing that scientists can say right now about this strange object or object is that it produces a lot of dust.

The strange object, named “TIC 400799224”, orbits a star system about 2,300 light-years (725 parsecs) away and was first discovered by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Probe (TESS).

Using artificial intelligence to examine the data that the TESS probe stumbled upon, astronomers by chance found the strange object because its dust cloud caused its star to rapidly drop in brightness by about 25% over the course of hours, followed by numerous differences in brightness that could be interpreted as like an eclipse.

This case usually indicates that the strange object or object breaks or releases gas while orbiting around its star, but scientists are working on more studies for verification, as scientists continued for about 6 years to study it until they discovered something mysterious happening.

Scientists first noticed that this object does not orbit a single star system, as further examination and scrutiny revealed that it is orbiting a binary star system, where one star pulsates for 19.77 days.

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During the cycle of this object, scientists noticed strange changes in the shape, depth and duration of its brightness, which made astronomers expect and assume that it is most likely caused by a type of object revolving around the object that periodically emits clouds of dust. But it is not clear what exactly this is, According to “sciencealert”.

It is also not clear which of the two stars the mysterious object orbits around, but the dust emitted by the object blocks up to 37% or 75% of the light from its host star, and the researchers suggested that the star is still collecting a mass of dust and gas surrounding it, and that this The cover is often disc-shaped around the star.

Scientists put three possible explanations for the state of strange dust in their study, the first explanation is the disintegration of an object as it passes directly from a solid substance to a gaseous state (a state known as sublimation), the second explanation is the occurrence of collisions with a small planet-like object, which led to the release of scattered dust clouds As for the third explanation, it is the presence of dust that formed a disk around the star, suggesting the second explanation.