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Scientists have developed a new generation of medical devices after Hemagel | Vda

Thanks to AVR’s large molecular chemistry state, a new generation of medical devices has been developed that follows the original product to accelerate wound healing, HemaGel.

The new generation of medical devices that follow the original HemaGel product is the result of many years of cooperation between polymer chemists from the state of molecular chemistry AV R and VH Pharma. The aim of the development was to create a combined wound healing product in terms of the polymer used and the form applied.

Your Himagel

With the research of hydrogels, the expertise of MCH has been established from its inception. In the last years of the last century the invention of the founder of the state, Professor Otto Wichterel, made it possible to begin making soft contact holes out of hydrogel. Combined research result in the field of eyes contact and knowledge of Ing. Jiho Labskho, CSc. , Dealt only with chemical reactions of periods of free oxygen radicals for more than 30 years and then led in the 1990s to the development of polymeric materials designed to accelerate wound healing. Ltka, is lapae Ing. As Labsk, CSc. , Incorporated, poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) is the same polymer that formed the soft network. Thus, the discovery of HemaGel activated the founder’s state.

Both new products contain different active polymers, but they have a combined ability to search for harmful oxygen roots in the air, thus suppressing disease formation. Polymers are formed by st-bonded large molecules. This prevents them from penetrating into the body, as well as staying on the surface of the plant, where it works in the long term, explains Zdeka Sedlkov, head of the Department of Molecular Synthesis, who is involved in the development of hydrogels at MCH.

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The new formula is a hydrogel, based on a newly developed polymer with IPN. The hydrogel, thanks to its unique properties, creates ideal conditions for healing by confronting and promoting wet healing while simultaneously suppressing microbial seeding. Therefore it is intended for the treatment of acute wounds, such as superficial wounds of first and second degree, and postoperative wounds, but it is also suitable for healing of chronic wounds such as permanent science, proline and terminal defects in patients with diabetes.

In addition to HemaGel NEW, VH Pharma will launch a medical device in the form of HemaCut SPRAY, which is suitable for treating superficial wounds, such as small cracks and crevices, first-degree sprains, cuts, wounds, cleft and thorns. Buran different roofs.

The research will focus on developing new polymeric materials with unique skull properties among the same research rounds in maternal and child health. We continue to develop biomedical polymers. We firmly believe our work will soon be launched by J. Kotick, AV R.