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Rys ostrovid.

Scientists have found that the male small lynx can cover hundreds of kilometers Vda

Prague Young lynx can travel hundreds of kilometers. It follows from studying the International Darkness with the Czechs. Scientists have examined genetic samples of several traits that were moving out of the region in the Czech Republic.

The results, according to experts, confirm the assumption that improving the permeability of the country may increase the small number of lentils isolated. Representatives of vd R Academy (AV) reviews Research in Journalism. The study has been published in Conservation Genetics.

During several years of searching for the lynx, we obtained genetic samples from places outside the traditional region for the lynx’s permanent presence in the urea and the Biskidy Mountains. Of course, we considered these two areas potential resources for the population. It was surprising that only this was true for two people, said Jarmila Krojerov of Vertebrate Biology (BO) AV. According to the widows, one of them was the Kratov lynx, which came from the Biskidy Mountains and settled in the Moravian Karst for two years. At the end of 2018, the bag is gone.

In the Lynx, which was moving in the Krunch Horch, scientists discovered that Harz got there from Stedon German Heath. Then one of the features in the mountains of the island came even from the Baltic population. These individuals had to travel several hundreds of kilometers across the wide area, even in the well-known fragmented and extensive use of landscape hunting, which testifies to the ability of male traits to live even in distant forest lands. Bohuel, an eclipse of a similar reproduction unknown in the female lynx, described Krojirov.

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In those cases, scientists found the origin of the lynx with the help of feces, and in one case examined the tissue of the dead animal. The study’s lead author, Barbora Jagdrove, asserted that without these methods it would not be possible to know the origin of the invitations sought. Obviously, these methods can extract genetic samples with a low content of low-quality DNA, as in the case of feces or hair, which can be obtained without having to come into contact with the animal, said a PhD student working in Masaryk. University and BO AV. She noted that it is possible to obtain very valuable information even with small protected numbers and hidden species that the island belongs to.

How do you scratch the pev?

According to experts, the first information was provided about the sudden ability to travel by young traits in observing Umavian populations affecting the Southwest countries, Austria and Germany. The lynx of 60 and 80 and on the Czech lands is the largest. Although it was usually a population shift, sometimes Lynx would mine even the suburbs and go to remote cities.

The general study also confirmed the lynx’s ability to spread in a much larger geographic area and provided a new perspective not only on the breeding species, but particularly on its resilience in European countries, explained Ludk Bufka, a zoologist at Umava National Park.

According to Povka, the ability of different populations of Central and Western Europe to move over long distances is very important. The animal scientist said that if we improve the permeability of the landscape and take into account the negative effects of hunting, such as poaching and traffic, then the natural dispersal of the lynx could save the population before exchanging their bound and interchangeable individuals, helping to preserve their genetic diversity. . Miroslav Kotal of the State of Forest Ecology at Mendel University in Brno noted that the new findings indicate that the effort to maintain a flooded pathway to the landscape makes sense. For example, two lynxes, which tried to get out of the Biskidy Mountains, ended up under the wheels of cars last year. One of them was hit by a car on the edge of Hostnské vrchy, the other was hit by a debtor near Rousnov in the Vykovsko region.

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The Eurasian lynx is the largest cocci elma that goes to the Czech lands. He is shy and lonely than IGC Elma. Men hunting hooves. The koist surprises with a rapid flow from the ground. He excels in vision and hearing. It is a protective species and it is one of the most endangered animals.

Czech researchers collaborated on the research with colleagues from Norway, Latvia, Germany, and Slovakia.