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Scientists reveal a strange bird with a "moving chin" that lived 120 million years ago

Scientists reveal a strange bird with a “moving chin” that lived 120 million years ago

A number of researchers were able to identify an ancient, strange-looking bird that had a “moving chin” to help it search for food 120 million years ago, and scientists analyzed fossils discovered near the Great Wall of China to reveal that the creature had a bony appendage at the tip of the body. His lower jaw was able to not only move it, but also feel through it, according to RT.

Scientists revealed that the so-called “moving chin” was a dental feature not previously seen in any other dinosaur, and the scientists named it Brevidentavis zhangi, meaning “short-toothed bird”, and it was one of two new species identified by researchers led by the Field Museum in Chicago.

“It was a long and painstaking process to find out what these things were,” said Jingmaye O’Connor, the study’s principal investigator and co-coordinator of vertebrate palaeontology at the Chicago Field Museum.

In a previous study conducted on the predator in another fossil bird, the researchers discovered that the predatory bone was subjected to stress and also found a type of cartilage that is formed only when there is movement, and in this previous study, the researchers were able to know that the predatory bone was able to move, and that it was It will become nerves.

A small group of dinosaurs evolved into birds that coexisted with other dinosaurs for 90 million years. Modern birds are descendants of the group of birds that survived extinction that killed off the rest of the dinosaurs, but many prehistoric birds also became extinct.



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