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Scientists say the oldest chicken-sized "dragon" dinosaur has been discovered in the United Kingdom

Scientists say the oldest chicken-sized “dragon” dinosaur has been discovered in the United Kingdom

Scientists have discovered a species of dinosaur that is the oldest carnivorous dinosaur ever found in the UK – a chicken-sized relative of the dinosaur Rex Pentrek Milnere.

According to Article Wednesday Open Science at the Royal Society, A file by Pendrick MilnereA new small colloboid theropad has been touring the United Kingdom 200 million years since the Upper Triassic period in Wales. Theropods are two-legged carnivores with bare bones and three legs, including the D-Rex.

Fossil remains of Pendreich Milnerai were discovered in a mine in the Welsh city of Bond-yi-Finanon in the 1950s. Pendrek means “dragon’s head” in Old Welsh.

At first, scientists mistaken the fossils for already identified dinosaur species Syntax, But re-introduced with many Syntares dinosaurs Forgotten Welsh Fossils, Natural History Museum, London He said in a press release.

The fossil bones of other organisms have been in disarray for years.Stephen Speckman et al. 2021

Study writer Stephen Speckman said: “This species does not have a distinct personality that distinguishes it from each other.

Due to the dwarf effect found in the fossils of some island creatures, scientists do not know whether the fossils were small, whether they were young or young.

Pendrek Milnere owes its name to Angela Milner, a leading archaeologist at the Museum of Natural History who died in August.

Susanna Maidment, a senior researcher in archeology, said Milner helped carry the specimens – which had long been considered lost – that led to the discovery of the species.

“I found it in the crocodile goods drawer and she must have had that model in mind from what I had seen before,” Medment said in a museum press release. This paper is not possible without it.

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