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علماء يحذرون من دوران الأرض حول نفسها بسرعة أكبر من المعتاد بسبب تغير المناخ

Scientists warn that the Earth is spinning faster than usual due to climate change

Amid all the hustle and bustle of modern life, it may seem that time often passes quickly, after the Earth recorded its shortest day since recordings began, on June 29, and in this regard, scientists explain that the Earth is moving faster than usual recorded a day since it began The recordings came, as midnight on June 29 came 1.59 milliseconds earlier than expected, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

Daily Mail report

Why is the Earth spinning faster than usual?

Scientists claim that climate change, seismic activity and ocean circulation could be responsible, as well as the Moon’s drag and so-called “Chandler’s and Bob’s” – a change in the Earth’s rotation on its axis, and the motion of the Earth. “Chandler Wobble” It is an oscillating motion that occurs when the Earth rotates on its axis.

However, in recent years, the rotation has become less wobbly, which scientists believe may be related to the increased speed of Earth’s rotation, leading to shorter days..

Dr Leonid Zotov, from the Sternberg Institute of Astronomy, said: “The Chandler wobble is a component of the instantaneous axis of Earth’s rotational motion, called the polar motion, which changes the position of the point on the globe where the axis intersects with the Earth’s surface.”


The amplitude of natural oscillation is about four meters at the Earth’s surface, but it disappeared from 2017 to 2020, and this historical minimum was reached just as the days began to shorten, however, there isn’t much explanation for why this lack of oscillation.

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Meanwhile, Matt King, a professor at the University of Tasmania who specializes in Earth observation, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “It’s definitely strange. It’s clear that something has changed, and it has changed in a way that we haven’t seen since the beginning of precision radio astronomy in the 1970s..”

Climate change

Global warming is also seen as having an effect by melting ice and snow at a faster rate, and research has indicated that as glaciers melt — as a result of higher atmospheric temperatures from burning fossil fuels — mass redistribution causes the Earth to spin and spin faster on its axis.