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Skútr je velmi praktickým dopravním prostředkem, pokud se jedná o jízdu ve městech, do práce, za zábavou ale nemusíte se s ním bát vyjet i na delší trasy.

Scouts are not just in the Jablonec region or a single trail of experiences

It is possible to travel with it to places as far away as tens of kilometers at a comfortable cruising speed with decent consumption. You will easily carry two people with luggage and a small purchase. You won’t be causing the public transport to collapse on it, because you always shoot the traffic lights first and usually you’re on the other side of the intersection first.

Compared to a motorcycle, it always has a protective front grille glass and a wide floor that protects against harmful impacts and the cold. It shines well and is equipped with a solid luggage compartment located under a comfortable wide seat. Scooters are a form of solo mobility that is indispensable for a large portion of the population, especially in the southern states, and not just in Europe.

Looking at our roads, the Czechs discovered a love for scooters and bought them mainly in cities. At the same time, the demand for fast food delivery has also increased, especially during the Coronavirus. Interest in battery electric scooters is also growing, in the Czech Republic we can count on more than five thousand. In general, these single-track machines are relatively affordable and will bring pleasure and joy to many new owners.

Jan Pakak

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