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"Scream" is back in a new format to the cinema... a satirical celebration of horror films

“Scream” is back in a new format to the cinema… a satirical celebration of horror films

Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell in the new ‘Scream’ movie (YouTube)

recovered horror movies Its vitality was 25 years ago thanks to the movie “Scream” with Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox, as it skillfully mixed suspense and self-irony, and the same thing is repeated today through a tape of the same title, starring both actresses, and its shows will be launched this week in the United States and other countries.

“Thank God, we’re working under franchise and in a world where a movie can make an outrageous allusion to itself,” Tyler Gillett, one of the two directors who took over Scream, told AFP.

Much of the plot is consumed by the original 1996 movie, Scream’s 2022 characters, loudly debating some of the familiar in horror movies, trying to figure out the serial killer’s next victim.

In their discussions, they found that the murders in their violent small town in California targeted people connected to the killers in the original version of Scream.

One character even explains why audiences have come to love films that are a new reading of old hits, by extending their story by creating younger characters connected to the original heroes.

Ironically, David Arquette, who participated in the old film, and also returned in the new version, told a group of young people around him: “Believe me. There are certain rules that must be followed if you want to survive.”

“Scream” also returns to what was the scene of the crime in his “elder brother”, and to what was included in the first part of the plots.

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The opening scene is also reminiscent of the one with which the movie began a quarter century ago and predates the intro tag, in which Drew Barrymore is bloodily killed after she answered the thug when he called her on her landline.

As for the 21st century “Scream” scene, the teen is so surprised when she discovers that the old land line in her parents’ house is still working, to the point that she almost misses the call.

The second director, Matt Pettinelli-Olpin, said, “Putting this scene at the beginning of the film is a message to the viewer that this hint is intentional, and that it will continue throughout the film as previously imagined.” He added, “One of the things that Scrim excels in is not underestimating the public.”

With the new format, the two directors wanted to pay tribute to the director of the first four parts of “Scream” Wes Craven, who died in 2015, but Tyler Gillette stressed that the film could not be based solely on “pure nostalgia.”

In contrast to the first parts of “Scream” that were shown in the midst of a decline in horror films, the new part is followed by several successful, more busy, and more artistic works, most notably the films of director Jordan Peele.

Characters in the new “Scream” mention his films “Get Out” and “Ace” explicitly during a talk about “improved horror.”

Director Matt Pettinelli Olbin notes that the current era represents the “golden age of the genre.” He added, “We hope that this film will serve as a prelude to people,” encouraging them to attend “other films that they do not know well.”

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“We use this idea of ​​enhanced horror, but we don’t really care about it (…) it doesn’t matter what name is used to justify watching a horror movie. We just care that people enjoy these stories,” said Tyler Gillette.

And the new “Scream” didn’t change the winning recipe of keeping the killer’s identity mysterious and hidden behind the famous ghost mask until the end.

The two directors wanted to keep the suspense in the story to the extent that during the actors’ auditions they only revealed a small part of the film’s details.

“Even after we chose the actors, we never gave them the pages that went beyond the disappearance of their characters (…). They really played the game of secrecy,” said producer Chad Villila.

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