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Screens displaying the homosexuality flag and crosses hanging over the heads of the celebrants at Middle Beast!  (See)

Screens displaying the homosexuality flag and crosses hanging over the heads of the celebrants at Middle Beast! (See)

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homeland In his report on Middlebeast Festival Riyadh Music, the website said. Urgente24Al-Sabani, that the Saudi government attracted about 200 artists who performed on 7 stages in Middle Beast, within 3 days, on an area of ​​5,533,985 square meters of the Riyadh desert.

The Spanish site said, “Slowly, like drops of water on a stone; Ibn Salman’s regime is gradually reshaping Saudi society, leaving behind the teachings of Islam and its identity.”

The site indicated that women dance shoulder to shoulder with men, and enjoy the freedom to dispense with the veil. At the Middle Best Festival, and this would not have happened had it not been for Ibn Salman’s gradual easing of Islamic laws in Saudi Arabia.

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The site celebrated the change taking place in the Kingdom’s society, describing one of the scenes: “A group of girls approaching the entrance to the Middle Beast Festival; Then they take off their headscarves and cloaks, and mix and dance among the crowds, surrounded by men; Men who used to gather in mosques.”

Screens displaying the science of homosexuality in Middle East

The site revealed that during Middle Beast concerts; Unnoticed, the signals passed into the vocals Bruno Mars; One giant screen showed the colors of the homosexuality flag, with crowds of young men dancing beneath.

Crosses above the heads of the celebrants in Middle Beast

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The activists also circulated a video clip showing the reliance of those in charge of organizing the ceremony by drawing a logo resembling a “cross” in the sky, which amazed the attendees.

“Ibn Salman” personally supervises the relaxation of the rules of Islam

For his part, site said RTL The Frenchman said that there is a significant escalation of concert scenes in Saudi Arabia, as dance festivals in Riyadh are filled with young men and women, and Middle Beast the latest transfers paid by the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

And he emphasized that Muhammad bin Salman personally oversees the easing of the rules of Islam, as he allowed cinemas, andMixed concerts gender, in addition to the escalating crackdown on political dissent.

As for the newspaperEl MundoThe Spanish said that the Middle Beast Festival provided an opportunity for girls in Saudi Arabia; By dancing in the desert without a veil, and the only person who achieved this; He is Mohammed bin Salman.

The Saudi government is leading a revolution to liberate Saudi society

She added that the Saudi government used all its energy this year. For a new revolution of liberation within Saudi society, starting with the Middle Beast concert in Riyadh, then Red Sea Film Festival In Jeddah.

She revealed that on the last day of the Middle Beast Festival; There were a thousand drones in the sky drawing men and women to dance, and singer Bruno Mars making visual cues supporting homosexuality; Through the colors seen on the main stage screens.

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