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Česká plavkyně Barbora Seemanová

Seaman’s confidence does not diminish. He takes candy and sudoku and longs for a friend to Tokyo

In 2016, Barbora Simanova was only looking at both human and swimming, but now she is one of the stars of the Olympic team. “I’ve made a lot of progress, I’ve changed and evolved. I’ve moved a lot in the pool and it’s the same mentally,” explained the Prague native.

“While 16-year-old Parra, who still doesn’t really think she can reach the top of the race, has competed in Rio, now – I don’t want it to sound out of place – I’m a European champion determined to fight for the best position at the Olympics.” Described by guardian coach Petra Scapova.

At the May Championships in Budapest, Italian Olympic champion and four-time world champion Federica Pellegrini was the biggest competitor to the 200th USC team, beating the Danube by only two hundred. How will competition in Japan change? Assumed many times.

“There will be mainly Australian, American and Chinese women. My competition will be every girl on the starting roster. I have to work hard to achieve my ambitions. That means progressing to the finals and it would be great to break the Czech record of 1:56.27,” the smiling contestant nodded. , which will swim in Tokyo and the shorter track crawl and relay.

Czech swimmer Barbora SimanovaCzech swimmer Barbora SimanovaSource: Ivana Rohalchkova

“I’m glad we get to experience the Olympic atmosphere with the girls at the start of the competition and get into racing mode overall. Then I have a 200, so we’re satisfied that I shouldn’t get tired on the main track. But I’m also looking forward to other starts,” the 21-year-old lauded. .

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Candy just for reward

A handsome brunette is thinking about everything. Somehow, she is well prepared for the extreme conditions that the athletes will have to endure due to the endless coronavirus pandemic in the Olympic Village.

“There is nothing to do, but we will probably spend most of our time in the rooms. I will take with me a pile of books to relax, maybe some novel, drawing, learning, sudoku supplies, a computer and also board games,” smiled the Czech record holder, who will not be forgotten Definitely her favorite dessert when packing. “But they’re only for a bonus.”

Barbora Seaman will be gone for more than three weeks. This could be a long time for the romantic relationship he has with Matias Bissaka, the 23-year-old footballer in the second-tier Usti nad Labem.

“I will definitely miss him. After a friend and a dog, but of course also after the parents. Now I appreciate that we have social networks and FaceTime. We will call and that will make up for a little bit of the separation.” “I hope that thanks to this I will get enough support even from a distance.”

Recently, I felt the curiosity of fans in a place that you never expected. “In the grocery store, an old man told me that he was clenching his fingers for me at the Olympics. He always stops me a little, but at the same time makes me happy. But this time I was very upset. At first I forgot what I really wanted to buy,” she smiled.

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