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Seamless design, fast operation and drawing.  WhatsApp for Windows 10 and 11 released in beta - Živě.cz

Seamless design, fast operation and drawing. WhatsApp for Windows 10 and 11 released in beta – Živě.cz

A highly successful hub development team The WhatsApp It has more projects in the pipeline, and the public can try some of them out in beta. dead ends now Redesigned client for Windows 10 and 11. You can beta version Download from the store. A popular blog you mentioned Lumia Updates.

The current customer pays for a web application that, in addition to the version available in browsers, supports telephony and video chat. However, the new client is significantly moving away from this concept. According to the Italian blog, it was rewritten from the ground up and is based on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) technology. You will know this on many levels.

The new WhatsApp is not only more beautiful and more economical

Takes less storage space on one hand Consumes less memory. It also starts faster and runs in the background, leaving you Notifies you of new messages, even if you close the WhatsApp window.

The communication device now looks noticeably different. The development team is directed at least somewhat The design style of the latest versions of Windows. Not only are contextual menus transparent. You’ll also come across other graphic effects of Fluent Design Language, such as highlighting conversations in the list on the left.

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The new WhatsApp has appeared in beta in the Microsoft Store

They are also more prominent typographic elements Conversations are dominated by the name of the person you are chatting with. Above the list of conversations, you will not find a link to your profile, which is hidden in the main menu. But above the list you will see a simple title huts.

In terms of jobs, the new customer bids beyond the existing equipment fee. You can send your creation directly to the other party as an image.

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