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Secondary software licenses.  Who wouldn't want Windows legally for a hundred… - Živě.cz

Secondary software licenses. Who wouldn’t want Windows legally for a hundred… – Živě.cz

Purchasing original software directly from the manufacturer is not the only way to obtain legal software for your computer. Another option is to purchase a license from someone who no longer needs it or uses it. You can save a large amount, but at the same time watch out for scammers.

The sale of so-called secondary licenses has been enshrined by the European Union for many years. However, this method of obtaining software is still shrouded in uncertainty, major manufacturers are reluctant to comment on it and is often a source of commercial disputes.

Work like any other

The principle of such a method of selling a license is simple and is based on the logic of things. Why can’t the rightful owner of an item sell it again? When the software was sold on CD or DVD, it was popular. However, over time, such cases began to multiply, which many manufacturers did not like.

Most of the sales currently are probably related to Microsoft products, whether it’s Windows or Office. Although the Redmond giant is still booked about such sales, it acknowledges in a document sent to its trading partners and customers in Europe, this method of trade licenses. However, both the seller and the buyer must meet a number of conditions for the exchange to be legal. Among other things, the software must have been originally purchased in the European Union and the seller must ensure that it does not work on the original equipment. Exactly so that the entire trade complies with EU rules.

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Types of licenses

  • OEM license – The brand name used by the hardware manufacturer for pre-installed software intended for new hardware in particular
  • ESD license – Electronic license without any physical form (electronic software delivery)
  • FPP license – The so-called license box (full product package)
  • plurality Granting the right to use the software to larger organizations. It usually offers the best features, the easiest to manage and install, and the most transparent solution within the secondary software

Greater criticism

Microsoft has not been an outspoken critic of this case law. After all, products for a few thousand crowns, even if they were sold in large quantities, one of the richest companies did not tear so many veins.

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