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العثور على وثائق سرية تابعة للدفاع البريطانية فى "محطة حافلات".. صور

Secret British security documents found at a “bus station” … Photos

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on Sunday that documents belonging to the UK Ministry of Defense containing details of the British Army were found at a bus stop in the UK.

Bus stand

The BBC reports that the classified documents include plans for a British military presence in Afghanistan and a discussion of Russia’s response to the British warship HMS Defender’s voyage off the coast of Crimea last week.

The BBC reports that a member of the public who wanted to remain anonymous – about 50 pages in total – was found Tuesday behind a bus stop in Kent, south-east London.

Documents found
Documents found

The Department of Defense said in a statement last week that an employee had complained about the loss of documents, adding that “the Department of Information Security is taking it very seriously and it is inappropriate to open an investigation.”

Copy of documents
Copy of documents

The HMS defender was angered when the Russian military sailed into the Black Sea region south of Crimea on Wednesday, claiming it was Moscow regional waters.

Russia has said it fired warning shots in response to the wreckage of one of its warships, but Britain has denied the allegations, saying the warship was not in Russian waters. The Ministry of Defense said the ship was “carrying an innocent route through Ukrainian territorial waters under international law”.

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