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العثور على وثائق سرية عن خرق المدمرة Defender حدود روسيا بمحطة حافلات في بريطانيا!

Secret documents of the Russian destroyer who crossed the Russian border at a bus station in the UK!

The BBC reports that secret documents belonging to the British Ministry of Defense related to the recent British destroyer encroachment on Russia’s borders in the Black Sea have been found at a bus station in the UK.

Last Tuesday morning, near a bus station in Kent, a collection of about 50 pages of classified documents, confirmed by an anonymous person, was confirmed today (Sunday) by the British Broadcasting Corporation (the day before Defender violated it) and handed it over to the BBC.

Documents containing news and presentations on the program, “BBC” recommended, PowerPoint was provided by the Office of the Senior Officer of the British Ministry of Defense.


The British government said it had launched an investigation into the matter, while a Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed that one of the employees had lost confidential documents without further comment.

According to the BBC, these documents were taken into account when considering the possibility of Russia responding harshly to the violation of its borders when planning the Defender flight, which the Ministry of Defense described in its official statements as a “peaceful route through the Ukrainian Sea.”

Documents show that the mission, known as Op Detroit, was the subject of debate among top UK officials on Monday night, with an official from the British Army’s Northwood headquarters in the UK questioning the crowd’s expectations of a “welcome” by the Russians. Side.

One of the participants said that, according to the documents, the number of naval frictions between the Russian and British forces is expected to increase in the coming period.

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According to the BBC, the documents show that the British government considered two routes for the guard’s flight from the Ukrainian port of Odessa to the Georgian port of Padumi (Republic of Georgia), the first of which was chosen (with an approach to the Crimean coast), which was “safe and professional”.

The British leadership rejected the alternative way out of Crimean waters because Moscow saw this as an “escape from the United Kingdom” and that London effectively recognized Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea.

The first trail was chosen to show Britain’s support for the Ukrainian government, which did not recognize the reunification of Crimea with Russia.

Secret documents of the Russian destroyer who crossed the Russian border at a bus station in the UK!


The British leadership considered three possible scenarios for Russia’s response to the defender’s approach to the Crimean coast, ranging from “safe and professional” to “unsafe and professional”.

Despite the withdrawal of NATO, the “BBC” pointed out that these documents were relevant to other files, including the most important recommendations sent to Defense Minister Ben Wallace on the possibility of keeping some British troops in Afghanistan.

Last Wednesday, after Russian military forces crossed the country’s maritime borders from Crimea, they fired warning shots at the British destroyer Defender.

Source: “BBC”