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Security and Intelligence – The United States cannot defend itself against cyber attacks by Russia and China

The US government is “insecure” under the threat of artificial intelligence technologies.

A Relationship Released yesterday, the US National Intelligence Agency believes that Washington needs “significant change” to keep pace with countries such as China and Russia and ensure their security.

The document also demonstrates that the United States is “insecure” to defend itself against various threats posed by artificial intelligence.

“The United States needs to act now and implement artificial intelligence systems and invest significantly more resources […] To protect their security and to enhance their prosperity. “

The report points out that the United States is lagging behind in protecting itself from such threats as the use of artificial intelligence by foreign powers to obtain information and conduct cyber attacks has increased.

Today the US government says it has not “regulated itself” in the sector and needs “leadership” to protect itself from the dangers posed by new technologies, so he remembers the importance of investing in the sector and “acting” immediately “against competitors, especially against the Asian company.” We know that China is determined to overtake us under the leadership of intelligence, ”the document warns.

In recent years, various U.S. government agencies have been targeted by cyber attacks; The November 2020 presidential election involved the most recent of North American electoral systems.

It should be noted that the United States fears all the advances made by China in the development of artificial intelligence, hypersonic missiles, anti-satellite and killer satellites, swarms of drones, highly maneuverable warships, laser beams and binary speed guns.

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