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Senators oppose restrictions on telecommunications marketing, lower house wants to allow it only with the consent of the so-called party - ČT24 - Czech Television

Senators oppose restrictions on telecommunications marketing, lower house wants to allow it only with the consent of the so-called party – ČT24 – Czech Television

MEPs wanted to prevent operators with advertising telephone offers for services and products from contacting people who did not give their explicit consent. At this time, advertising offers may not be directed to those who do not expressly wish to do so. The Senate does not approve of the change, and therefore returns the amendment to the House of Representatives. After all, senators aren’t the only ones with reservations. The Office of Competition Protection also had it, so the House of Representatives postponed its entry into force by half a year.

The senators also want to amend the passage of the amendment, which relates to resolving disputes between homeowners and home users regarding the construction of communications networks. The operator can now be a party to the dispute.

The amendment introduces a European Telecommunications Code into Czech law, and is intended to facilitate the change of service provider and provide better protection, for example, for people who subscribe to a package of services. At the same time, it is intended to encourage investment in high-speed networks, for example by ensuring that the regulatory actions of radio-frequency allocators are predictable with regard to investment terms in infrastructure that depend on the use of the radio spectrum. .

The amendment to the fertilizer will provide a consolidated record

Conversely, the Senate has approved a government amendment on fertilizers, under which farmers are required to keep records of fertilizers and yields of crops harvested from next year. If they are planting on an area of ​​more than twenty hectares, they will have to manage it electronically. The seven-year retention period remains unchanged.

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Although the amendment imposes a new obligation, it should relieve farmers of the administration. After entering a consolidated electronic fertilizer log, they will no longer have to submit fertilizer consumption reports.

The amendment is based on a new EU regulation and aims to amend the list of products used for enrichment. The standard introduces the term “plant biostimulant”, which replaces the term “additional plant preparations”. A plant biostimulant is a product whose function is to stimulate the nutritional processes of a plant in order to improve one or more of its properties.

The Senate also gave the government a so-called pre-approval of a European proposal to extend the powers of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. Without Parliament’s permission, the government will not be able to approve the proposal in Brussels.

There was also an opportunity for people who would be impeached in the October elections due to the coronavirus to vote for members from a car or mobile mailbox.