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Sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine.. 10 from Germany and 8 from Norway

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz decided, after several months of discussions, Providing Ukraine with combat tanks Leopard-2.

And sources told the German news agency, on Tuesday, that Schultz agreed to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, noting that he had granted permission to re-export Leopards to Kiev.

For its part, the newspaper “Der Spiegel” reported that the talk is about at least one group of “Leopard-2A6” tanks, and the desire of other allies, including the Scandinavian countries, to deliver these combat tanks to Kyiv.

Reasons for Ukraine’s desperation to request German Leopard tanks?

8 tanks from Norway

Meanwhile, press reports revealed that Norway is considering sending 8 Leopard tanks to Ukraine out of the 36 it possesses.

According to the newspaper, “Leopard-2” tanks will be sent to Ukraine from the stocks of the German armed forces, in the medium and long term, and other combat tanks from the German military reserve can be equipped for use in this field.

In addition, the newspaper “Bild” reported that Schultz will announce the dispatch of Leopard tanks to Ukraine tomorrow in front of the German parliament.

Extensive consultations

The German decision was preceded by extensive consultations with Washington in the first place, as the German chancellor previously confirmed that he intends to provide Kyiv with tanks only in coordination with other countries such as the United States.

Recently, representatives of German parties, which are part of the ruling coalition, called for increasing pressure on German Chancellor Schulz to allow the export of tanks to Ukraine.

The Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Murawski, said earlier that Warsaw would form an alternative coalition of countries ready to supply Ukraine with tanks if Germany did not agree to deliver tanks to Kyiv. According to the Polish prime minister, Warsaw has already decided to supply Ukraine with a set of tanks, and will act at its own discretion regardless of Berlin’s position.

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