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Senior officials resign over a corruption scandal in Ukraine

On Sunday, the Ukrainian government dismissed the Deputy Minister of Municipal Development on suspicion of taking bribes, while the Ministry of Defense announced the opening of an investigation into accusations of inflated contracts for food products intended for the military.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said via Telegram: “The Council of Ministers orders Ukraine With the dismissal of F. Mother. Luzinkich from the post of Deputy Minister of Municipal and Territorial Development and Infrastructure of Ukraine.

This comes a day after the official was arrested on suspicion of being involved in corruption.

And the National Anti-Corruption Bureau reported on Saturday that Vasyl Luzincich, who has held his position since May 2020, “received $400,000 to facilitate the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of equipment and generators at inflated prices,” while Ukraine is facing an electricity shortage after the Russian strikes on energy facilities.

A history of corruption

  • Embezzlement and bribery have been frequent in Ukraine for decades, as it has a long history of endemic corruption and shaky governance.
  • The European Union make the implementation of anti-reforms corruption One of his main requirements for Ukraine to join him, after granting Kyiv candidate status last year.

Zelensky pledged

  • said the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky He said that corruption, which is a chronic problem in the country, would not be tolerated, and he pledged to take major decisions on eradicating it this week.
  • “This week will be the time to make appropriate decisions. Decisions have already been prepared. I don’t want to publish them at the moment, but it will all be fair,” Zelensky said.
  • he added ZelenskyTrump, who was elected overwhelmingly in 2019 on pledges to change the way the ex-Soviet country was run, said his government had accepted the resignation of a deputy minister after an investigation into allegations he had accepted a bribe.
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